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This is where you will see your packs when you open them, go to the 'getting started' page for instructions on how to set up your log files, this allows us to read your pack openings directly from the game, so you dont have to type anything.

If you've already done this, click the 'Start tracking' button, or drag your Achievements.log file to this page.

Everything is now ready to go, head in game and start opening packs.

Global statistics

This page aims to analyse all the packs opened through hspacktracker, to find out the exact odds of recieving certain cards in your packs.

These statistics and the Top 10 lists to the right, are updated once every 5 minutes, so keep checking in, and the stats will change.

Total number of cards opened in packs: {{ deliminate(globalStats.numCards)}}

Total number of packs opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.numPacks)}}

Total number of commons opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalCommons)}}

Total number of rares opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalRares)}}

Total number of epics opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalEpics)}}

Total number of legendaries opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalLegendaries)}}

Total number of golden commons opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalGoldenCommons)}}

Total number of golden rares opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalGoldenRares)}}

Total number of golden epics opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalGoldenEpics)}}

Total number of golden legendaries opened: {{ deliminate(globalStats.totalGoldenLegendaries)}}

Chance of opening an epic: 1 in {{ globalStats.chanceEpic}} packs

Chance of opening a legendary: 1 in {{ globalStats.chanceLegendary}} packs

Chance of opening a golden common: 1 in {{ globalStats.chanceGoldenCommon}} packs

Chance of opening a golden rare: 1 in {{ globalStats.chanceGoldenRare}} packs

Chance of opening a golden epic: 1 in {{ globalStats.chanceGoldenEpic}} packs

Chance of opening a golden legendary: 1 in {{ globalStats.chanceGoldenLegendary}} packs

Average dust value per pack: {{globalStats.averageValue}} dust

Top 10 packs of all time.{{ deliminate(globalStats.numPacks)}} packs opened in total.

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HSPacktracker logo

Welcome to

HSPackTracker lets you automatically track the contents of your packs, your pity timer and your luck, without you having to enter a bunch of stuff into a spreadsheet.

Are you luckier than your friends? Are you luckier than the global average? When will you get your next legendary card? We don’t know, but we can keep track, so that you can know how many packs you need for your next guaranteed legendary.

Getting Started

Go to the following folder on your computer

Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%/Blizzard/Hearthstone

OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/Blizzard/Hearthstone

If there isn't already a log.config file in that folder, download this file and put it there.

Download log.config Or edit your existing log.config file

Open up your log.config file in notepad or a similar program and add the following, then hit save:


Doing this will enable log tracking in Hearthstone. You only have to do this once.

Start tracking

Now that you have enabled tracking, the next time you start up Hearthstone, go to your Hearthstone folder on your computer.

If you are unsure where your Hearthstone folder is, go to Hearthstone in your Blizzard App and click "Show in Explorer show in explorer" under options, just below the Hearthstone logo.

Enter the Heartstone folder, open the Logs folder and grab the Achievements.log Achievements.log file and drag it to this website, and you're good to go.

Default path on widows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone\Logs\Achievements.log

Default path on Mac:

You can also press the 'Start tracking' button to the left.

Getting Started - video guide

Here is a quick video I put together if you don't really feel like reading the stuff on the left.

Video walkthrough

A video overview of everything you can do on the site and how it works, so you can see what you are about to get yourself into. Good luck on your packs.

HSPacktracker logo

How many people work on

Just me, I'm one guy. I make websites for a living and love Hearthstone.

I've experienced an error, how do I let you know?

I do make an effort to respond to any email I might recieve, so if you have trouble, or something isn't working, shoot me an email at

Why does this website only work in Chrome?

The technology to read a file in real time is exclusive to Chrome, therefore, to get the full experience, Chrome is the only browser that supports this. Read more about it here.

Why do I have to find my file everytime I visit the site?! It's the same file every time.

I can't autoload the file from the website for security reasons, imagine if websites had automatic access to files on your computer.

I have a suggestion for the site, how do I let you know?

I welcome any and all suggestions, you can eigther email me at or contact me on reddit /u/sunturion

What are you currently developing for the site?

User logins are coming. I really like using localstorage to save the packs so you don't have to register a user on the site, but I understand that a lot of people play Hearthstone on different PCs and on different regions. User login would support those users.

I accidently deleted my data, what can I do?

There is not much you can do. If you delete your data, the data is gone. Let me know if you accidently delete your data, I won't always be able to help, but if you provide an exceptional pack you once opened and roughly how many packs youve opened using the site, I might be able to recreate the data. No promises! And, since I'm just one guy working on the site, I won't alway be able to help.

HSPacktracker logo


HSPackTracker is a one-person-project, and I have a fulltime job.

I would like for the site to be able to fund itself, this is not a site I plan on turning into a full time job or anything like that. But for it to be able to pay its own upkeep would be nice, in that regard, I need your help.

The first donation goal has been met, and I am so damn grateful that people appriciate the site enough to help with the costs

Donate through PayPal contributors

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

Jakob H

Roberto D V

Roni C

Trenton R

Sean B

Kevin J

Simon G

HSPacktracker logo


Here you can manipulate your data, import, export and reset packs.

Exporting your packs will let you download your packs as a text document, that you can then import on a different machine.

Export Packs

Importing packs that you exported at another time, keep in mind that the imported cards will be added to the cards you have currently, if you dont want that, reset your packs first.

Resetting your packs will DELETE every single pack you have, use with caution, there is no way to get the packs back unless you export the packs first.

Reset Packs

If you have an exported file from before april 2018, and your want to import it, just drag it to the site as you would with your achievements.log file, then refresh your browser afterwards, and your packs with be added to the rest of your packs.

Drop your Achievements.log here!

This site only supports Chrome.